The Cosmic Era is the fictional timeline of the anime television series Gundam Seed and its spinoff projects. This Gundam timeline is noted for its similarities with the Universal Century timeline started by the first Mobile Suit Gundam' series.

With Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, the Cosmic Era universe is the only Gundam universe after the original Universal Century with multiple TV series (two so far). Before that, the second most developed universe was Gundam Wing's After Colony universe, with one TV series, one OVA series and a compilation movie. The Universal Century universe remains by far the most developed one, with four TV series, four OVA series, fifteen theatrical releases, and various specials.



AD calendar
Reconstruction War begins
-16 April 1
George Glenn is born
George Glenn is nominated for a Nobel Prize
George Glenn enlists in the military
Reconstruction War ends. The United Nations adopts the Cosmic Era calendar and announces a new space development program.
George Glenn reveals that he is a Coordinator
The Zodiac Alliance is formed
George Glenn is assassinated by a young Natural who is angry because he was not born as a Coordinator. The PLANT Supreme Council is formed.
First Mobile Suit developed; Zodiac Alliance renames itself ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty)
ZAFT rolls out the ZGMF-1017 GINN, the first fully-functional mobile suit
The Atlantic Federation begins mobile suit development program
The Earth Alliance is established by the Alaska Declaration after a terrorist attack wipes out the United Nations on the moon in the Tragedy of Copernicus. The Alliance declares war on the PLANTs.
70, February 14
With the attack on Junius Seven, the Bloody Valentine War begins
71, September 27
Hostilities end with a cease-fire after the Second Battle of Jachin Due
71, November
South American War for Independence
72, March 10
Treaty of Junius signed, formally ending the Bloody Valentine War
73, October 2
Raid of Armory One
late 73
Break the World Incident, Second Bloody Valentine War begins
Second Bloody Valentine War ends with a peace treaty between PLANT and Orb

See Bloody Valentine War and Second Bloody Valentine War for a detailed chronology of events during the wars.

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