Aegis Class Carrier

Aegis Class Cruiser

Aegis Class Cruiser

A three section hull ship, used primarily for guarding Orb Union territorial waters, Armed with an array of anti-air, anti- ship weapons, as well as aircraft decks used to deploy helicopters. Strong enough to deflect ZAFT mobile suits.


In the fictional universe of Gundam Seed, the Aegis-class cruiser is an Orb Union trimaran naval warship that is 200 meters long and mounts a 250mm rapid-fire gun, along with multiple anti-air and anti-ship missiles. In addition, the ships have 3 small landing platforms, which can each carry a "Heli" VTOL fighter or an MBF-M1 Astray mobile suit. Despite the nation's small size, Orb possesses a large number of these warships, and has organized them into multiple defense fleets. The ships act as flagships for groups of smaller monohull Kura Okami-class destroyers. The Aegis class is named for the shield of the Greek god Zeus. It should not be confused for the similarly named GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam, a mobile suit developed by the Earth Alliance and stolen and deployed by ZAFT. The design of this ship appears to be heavily influenced and informed by the real-world United States Navy's Arleigh Burke and DD(X) class destroyers. </br>

Weapons Edit

  • 18 x Anti-Ship missile Launchers
    * 18 x Anti-Air missile Launchers
    * 250 mm Rapid Fire Cannon
    * 3 x 25mm anti-air Gatling gun

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